3 Jobs that ChatGPT Can Kill in Future

Here are some of the jobs that the latest AI ChatGPT can kill in future!

3 Jobs that ChatGPT Can Kill in Future

The artificial intelligence ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since it has demonstrated an insane level of skill in performing certain tasks which humans have never been able to do with the help of an AI. The controversial AI, ChatGPT, is already a hit among a section of society, while there are people who consider it to be an ultimate threat as we advance. Undoubtedly, there will be many more AIs like ChatGPT in future that will make our work easier, but they are sure to replace human labour in certain departments. Humans just have to find a different way to evolve since ChatGPT, and other AIs are going to take over the repetitive tasks for sure. Some people over the internet are freaking out about whether they are going to lose their jobs in the near future due to the birth of the highly efficient AI ChatGPT. To be honest, those people are not wrong, as ChatGPT has the ability to kill a few specific sets of jobs in future. However, it would only be possible if it continues to evolve and reaches a point where it can be trusted fully by the users.

3 Jobs that ChatGPT Can Kill in Future

3 Jobs that ChatGPT Can Kill in Future

1- Copywriting

Writing content for advertising campaigns and for marketing purposes is now a task of a few minutes with the help of ChatGPT. Even a skilled copywriter would take at least a day to come up with perfect advertising copywriting for market purposes, but with ChatGPT, you can generate advertising materials in just a few minutes by entering all the details about the brand or product you are looking to advertise. Also, you don’t have to worry about the grammatical accuracy of the content, as it has been proved that ChatGPT writes grammatically correct sentences. Moreover, it keeps plagiarism to the bare minimum as well, with only about 5% of the writing being plagiarised, according to the latest research. But it will be premature to judge that ChatGPT will completely erase human copywriters in future. Since ChatGPT is a trained AI that works according to the data it has available, there are chances that it won’t be able to write accurate copywriting material for products and brands that it has never studied about.

3 Jobs that ChatGPT Can Kill in Future

2- Content Writing

ChatGPT can generate blog posts in just a few minutes, and that too without any plagiarism. You can create long-form featured articles with the help of ChatGPT in an amount of time. It reduced the reliability of content writers. However, the content written by ChatGPT can be repetitive in nature, and you need to sort it out according to your own preference. Also, in some cases, the database of ChatGPT might not be sufficient for your blog posts or articles. There are chances that the AI may feed you the old information, which has now become redundant. ChatGPT is a trained AI which has access to the data dating on or before 2021 as of now. It cannot write news-based content, but it can surely help you write some long-form blog posts in which you don’t have to worry about the data being old or new with ease. ChatGPT can replace content writers in future, but for that, it needs to evolve in a creative manner.

3- Customer Service

ChatGPT can reduce the need for having customer service executives in large numbers for any company. Even though AI cannot talk in the literal sense, it comes with accurate emails and responses, which can help organisations cut their expenditure on customer service. ChatGPT is brilliant for writing formal emails of almost all types which makes it an enticing technology that can reduce the need for people in customer service in future.


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